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A multi-asset platform
for entrepreneurs and investors.


Clessidra, through the development of innovative asset management solutions, aims at fostering a renewed synergistic relationship between financial capital, small and medium-sized Italian companies, communities, and the environment, in order to support productivity, creative excellence and competitiveness of companies on the markets, both domestically and internationally.


Clessidra is an independent platform focused on the Italian alternative investment market, which puts financial resources, qualified skills, full involvement, and experience in ESG integration at the service of small and medium-sized Italian companies, generating sustainable value for its investors.
The excellence of its internal resources and their continuous enhancement are the basis of the group’s growth strategy.


Clessidra was established in 2003 by Claudio Sposito with a view of creating a highly professional private equity firm dedicated to the upper middle market in Italy, a relatively underpenetrated but extremely attractive market.

In 2010 Clessidra subscribes UN Principles for Responsible Investment, becoming one of the first Italian signatories.

In 2016 100% of the share capital of the management company has been acquired by Italmobiliare S.p.A., an investment holding listed on the Milan stock exchange.

With a revised new strategy aimed at making Clessidra the leading operator in the Italian market for alternative investments, starting from the core business of private equity and continuing in the credit segment, in September 2019, a new business line, dedicated to investment in loans classified as unlikely to pay, was launched through the Clessidra Restructuring Fund (the “CRF Fund”).

As part of the diversification project launched in recent years, in November 2020, Clessidra acquired a stake in a financial intermediary (i.e. CoEFI), operating in the Factoring sector and today called Clessidra Factoring. The launch of Clessidra Factoring S.p.A. represented for Clessidra an important strategic accomplishment as part of the development plan of the asset management company in the credit management sector.

Today Clessidra is an independent platform operating in alternative investments, asset management and factoring, capable of offering a wide range of products and services for institutional investors and for Italian medium-sized companies. Clessidra group operates through three companies: Clessidra Private Equity SGR, Clessidra Capital Credit SGR and Clessidra Factoring, respectively specialized in private equity,  private credit activities and factoring sector.



Clessidra Holding S.p.A. is the parent company of the Clessidra Financial Group.

Clessidra Holding carries out management and coordination activities for the group’s companies, in compliance with the decision-making autonomy of the individual companies and plays a role in supporting the group companies in respect of operations, compliance and anti-money laundering activities, as well as in terms of coordination of the control functions of the Group.

The board of director is made of seven members.

In support of its Board of Directors and corporate structure Clessidra has in place a governance model based on control functions that monitor key areas, such as conflicts of interest, anti-money laundring, compliance, risk management, ESG and internal audit.


Filippo Macaluso Chairman
Federico Ghizzoni Vice Chairman
Monica Magrassi Member
Mario Fera Member
Andrea Ottaviano Member
Carlo Pesenti Member
Gabriele Piccini Member


Andrea Amaduzzi Chairman
Debora Gobbo Statuatory Auditor
Marilena Segnana Statuatory Auditor


Andrea Polizzi Chairman
Michele Colombo Head of Group Compliance